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Thérapie de groupe


"For many people, their initial reaction to the idea of group therapy, is a big NO ! This is very understandable, as we all have this clichéd image of people sitting in a circle and telling each other their problems, with no further interactions and discussions. Also, many people fear for their anonymity and privacy, or feel ashamed or anxious at the thought of revealing personal and intimate matters to perfect strangers. But my experience as a therapist - having lead different group therapy sessions for more than 10 years - is that group therapy provides something that individual therapy cannot give you: the richness of sharing similar problems and issues. In group therapy, people who experience a same or similar problem come together, and work on it with the help of a structured and active therapy program, fitted specifically to the issue at hand. It is a lively, interactive, proactive, and often fun setting, where people can connect on a personal level. Group therapy dynamic allows a richness of sharing and support that no individual therapy can provide.  Therefore I am much convinced of the specific benefits of group therapy and I would like to invite you to experience it for yourself."

Christine Arendt

Gruppentraining fir d'sozial Kompetenzen

Psychotherapy and Nutrition


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